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Meet Sally, designer of the NZ made Harlowe & Honeychild labels

I've worked with Sally since the launch of my agency in 2012 and there has always been an air of intrigue surrounding the designer behind the labels. I managed to coax her to tell us a bit about herself and what makes her so passionate about what she does.

"Ive been in fashion for most of my working life starting with a self label boutique in Auckland when I was 19yrs old. Another 2 stores followed while raising 4 children on our Waikato farm. Fabric design including Shibori became my next venture before returning to fashion about 10 years ago with my Harlowe & Honeychild labels. I have long standing relationships with fabric suppliers, as well as a terrific team of cutters and sewers who are all committed to keeping production on our shores. Designing & producing elegant wearable clothing in natural fibres is what I love to do right here in N.Z."

It's not time to hang up the scissors yet, and Sally is committed to supporting retailers in NZ. The beauty of being local means she has access to more linen and silk fabric, and can re-cut to fill any gaps you may have instore for Summer 20. As always her shapes are timeless and will be in your wardrobe forever.

You can view the collections on the Harlowe and Honeychild websites and or contact me for more information.


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