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"We are engaged in and committed to continual change and improvement. Our goals and roadmap are clear and so much has already been achieved. Together with our team we will continue to push forward with positive change. Better products and a better business for a healthier planet." ELK Co-Founder & Creative Director Marnie Goding

ELK's ethical and environmental mission is to responsibly create products that are good for people and our planet. To support traditional trades and a circular economy whilst ensuring the creation of safe, fair and inclusive work. To operate ethically and transparently, minimise our environmental footprint and promote positive social practices.

With the release of their third Transparency Report, Elk sheds further light on their ethical and environmental journey and reports on the progress towards their 2025 sustainability goals.

Covering all aspects of the business, ELK looks at their internal operations, their people and the culture of this incredible fashion business that make ELK a unique Australian brand.


- 81% of all ELK packaging and printed items used in 2020 was made from recycled materials, with 99% either recyclable or compostable.

- 66% of ELK's man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) in 2020 came from CanopyStyle ‘green shirt’ ranked producers, an increase from 33% in 2019.

- Certified organic cotton made up 41% of our total cotton use in 2020, up from 29% in 2019. - In 2020 $76K was donated to a range of inspiring organisations and causes. An additional $9.3K was raised for UNICEF through the support of ELK's generous customers.

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